Nenoworks Hard For Good Life, Good Girls and Good Party

This gives Neno a lot of motivation to do his work fast, accurate and responsible. He is very disciplined and always highly dedicated to his current project.

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Hi! My name's Neno Petkov and I'm Web Developer and Designer.

Neno Petkov

I was born on 23 of July 1989 in Botevgrad, Bulgaria (homeland of the father of John Atanasoff ,best known for inventing the first electronic digital computer). I've been strongly fascinated by computers since I was 7 years old. Few years after my first touch with keyboard and Internet I knew that this was my passion and my future. I'm a Computer Technician from mid school and I have Computer Engineer university degree. But most of my current PC knowledge comes from my eagerness to learn more about it whenever I have time to. Web Developing is the most interesting occupation for me but I'm also interested in Web Design, Graphic Design and basically everything connected to the Web.

What are my qualities?

My qualities are...

Fast Learner

I learned how to make jumping paper frogs really fast. And they jumped!

Very Resourceful

I found this free bootstrap template for literally seconds! And I'm only changing some text and css so far!

Always Optimistic

I'm sure that all this nonsense that I write will actually be helpful for finding a good job.

Trying to be Funny

I guess that's why some people don't take me so seriously... But I doubt that.

Bistro Fairplay

HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP

This web site is made from scratch and no templates were used. It has an administrator panel which includes - adding photos, adding lunch and special menus, managing user reviews and more. All photos are taken by me. Most of them with NIKON D3400 D-SLR.

Canoe Kayak Dunav

HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, CodeIgniter

Here I used a template from w3 but I made lots of changes and put a lot of dynamic content with the help of CodeIgniter MVC Framework. The Administrator Panel is rich and includes image cropping script, made mostly by me.

Not Operating Real Estates Website

HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, CodeIgniter

This was a project to sell houses in Bulgaria to foreigners. The idea was to do it eye catching and to have only about 10 best offers which were going to be changed periodically.

In-progress Beautiful Places Website

HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, CodeIgniter

I think the heading says all here. Project is to later add user membership and more options.

Furniture Company Promotions Brochure


High resolution brochure made with several stacks of layers. Printed in 1000 copies.

In-progress Fun Website Luckymagnet

HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, CodeIgniter

Complex project for a fun social network with user profiles, chat, picture uploads, posts, rating system and more. The project is frozen for now.